Whether you are an individual planning your development, a small family-owned business or a Fortune 500 company, you can experience the seminars that many our clients have used to improve employee performance. Our seminars provide an ideal learning environment for learners to explore new ways of thinking and quality discussions and skill development activities that enhance personal performance. Whether you choose a seminar for yourself, one of your subordinates or for your entire team, you can be reassured that our seminar:

  • creates an environment that fosters high quality interaction and networking
  • teaches skills that are transferable and
  • use trainers who are experienced instructors and have both expertise and dedication to help each of our learners meet their learning needs.

We have following seminars and programs:


The Institute’s approach to the training and development process is based on three tenets:

  • We focus on transferable skills (knowledge) because the value of a work-related training program is relative to how and whether the information can be used “back on the job.”
  • We believe skill learning is enhanced through experiential practices.
  • We infuse as much creatively and enthusiasm as possible and practical into the learning experience.

As a consequence, our programs use methods that are inductive, minimizing lectures and maximizing guided experiences. We accomplish this through a cycle of tasks and discussions that enhance awareness and improve competencies that can be used back on the job.

And what's more, your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Be curious always! For knowledge will not acquire you; you must acquire it.

Sadie Back