Public Seminar - Skills of an Effective Leader

““Leadership is the very heart and soul of business management” Harold Geneen, CEO. IT & TT"

Workshop Overview

skills-of-an-effective-leaderThe ability of managers to achieve its vision and live out its guiding principles is directly tied to the ability and desire of each manager to grow and perform as an effective managerial leader. In fact, no other worker has quite the potential to positively or negatively create feelings of personal fulfillment among employees as well as higher levels of commitment and performance than the leader.

The Skills of an Effective Leader workshop focuses on helping each manager examine the topic of leadership, close up, and helps them translate each concept into behaviors that will help them be more effective leaders. We have brought progressive leadership knowledge, principles and practices into the learning content and keep keen eyes on the application of classroom learning to the situations that are unique to your businesses culture.

While most training courses on leadership focus on job knowledge and management skills, our workshop combines a balanced focus on theory and practical application. Through experiential exercises, we explore five paths that target the practices and behaviors required to be a successful leader on our leadership development journey. These 5 paths are:

  • Path 1: Establishing a Practical Context for Leadership Theory and Skill Application
  • Path 2: Experiential Development of Leadership Skills
  • Path 3: Understanding and Practicing Transformational Leadership
  • Path 4: Establishing a Plan for Personal Mastery as a Leader
  • Path 5: Building a Plan for Organizational Application

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