Leadership - Performance Enhancement Coaching System

“Helping Leaders Achieve Results”

Many leadership scholars like Warren Bennis, Max DuPree, and Kouzes and Posner, suggest in their work that “those who are the best at leading are also the best at learning.”

The PEC System provides leaders with a systematic approach and custom-fitted guidance and instruction in the areas of leadership, learning development and performance. The PEC coaching process guides leaders in understanding the essence of leadership and helps them become keenly aware of their leadership strengths and weaknesses. Our coaching process helps leaders establish a personalized leadership vision and guides them in creating a leadership development plan. More importantly, our process challenges leaders to push through performance barriers. We help leaders create solutions that enhance their personal effectiveness and respond to the expectations of their position and key stakeholders.

The PEC System incorporates the following processes:
  • Evaluating Leadership Style (State of the Art Assessment Instruments Used)
  • Identification of strengths and developmental needs
  • Exploration and development of personalized prescription for Personal Mastery as a Leader
  • Formulation of customized plans of action that respond to each leader's specific performance targets and work contexts.
  • Coaching Transition Process

Our leadership coaching program is customized for each client or team and achieves results. Using a five phased approach, the Institute provides insights, training and perspectives that helps leaders achieve greater awareness and higher performance.

Why not contact us and schedule a non-obligatory conversation with Bernard to discuss our program and assess ways to increase your knowledge, performance and impact.

Leadership Coaching Online (LCO) – Please Don’t Forget, for those leaders living outside Washington Metropolitan Area, LCO is a convenient vehicle for accessing the best in leadership coaching via computer and via-phone. Please contact us for details.

Following our initial meeting, we typically use the following phases to frame our work as your leadership coach:

  • Phase 1:  Gap Analysis
  • Phase 2:  Leadership Plan Development
  • Phase 3:  Leadership Plan Implementation – where the coaching is active and the learning is customized and rich
  • Phase 4:  Sustaining Progress & Planning for Continuing Development
  • Phase 5:  Transition Planning and Coaching Engagement Phase Out

Change doesn't necessarily assure progress, but progress requires change. Education is essential for change, for education creates both new wants and the ability to satisfy them.

Henry S. Commager