Conversation Corner: The Skills of an Effective Leader™

The Skills of an Effective Leader™ Conversation Corner is an active, interactive community of employers, employees and professionals interested in improving their performance, the performance of workers and/or the performance of the workplace societies they live in and lead.  We invite you to participate in intelligent dialogue on research, opinions, questions and ideas on the topic of leadership, performance and human capital efficiency.  Our structure includes three different sections:

  1. "The Practice of Leadership" (Dialogue on different topics about leadership performance)
  2. "The Question Factory" (Invites and posts questions from leaders, employees and other professionals about the practices and problems of performance; issues can be posed and answers will be give)
  3. "The Trainer’s Tool Box"(Sharing information and creative ideas that are experienced or created by those who are engaged in the practice of orchestrating the transfer of knowledge)

Postings are scheduled 2 times each month. 

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